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How to make your Smudge sticks


Smudge sticks can be used for any ritual or just general house cleansing

Native American tribes used smudge sticks, there fires where always built with a combination of herbs and flowers, also the smoke signals were made with white sage, this herb produces a lot of smoke.


I have given you an alphabetical list of the herbs and flowers you can use also the meanings, which is helpful when you want to make a special one.


I have grown many of these herbs and flowers myself over the years, the different fragrant  smells from them, also are stunning having them around the house in pots or in the garden.  I pick many of them now off the mountains, only taking as much as I need and never digging the full plant up. Leave it in its own environment.  You benefit from them in every way then, it also keeps your costs down.


You will also need natural twine or cottons in different colours, the colours help define which rituals you have made them for, try to keep everything as natural  as you can. other materials give off toxins that can be really harmful.


You will also need a selection of herbs and plants that are appropriate

Collect a selection cut them neatly, I usually do this when it has been a dry day when the sun starts to go down, they are usually quite dry then, (full moon can be more beneficial to)  only take as much as you need and thank them afterwards, I usually tidy them up then give them some special  tea’s ( my own rotted down vegetables which  I strain off and then water down, the rest I don’t need then goes into the compost bin) always giving them my thanks and blessings.


Lay them flat on newspaper, when assembling them start at the bottom secure tightly with twine or cotton then wrap the twine or cotton around the herbs or plants making sure plenty of the leaves show through, while trying to encase them securely.

Always working from the bottom to the top and securing again at the top end  

Trim them when finished, don’t worry too much how messy they may look at this time everything will shrink as they dry then you can tidy them up.


Lay them on fresh paper and wrap tightly this helps them to dry quickly store in a cool dry place, changing the paper every day. If you don’t do this they will take longer to dry and then they will start to rot and smell fusty do this for about seven to 10 days.


Your smudge sticks should now be dry trim off any wayward leaves etc  


Always light your smudge stick with a candle, it’s easier this way as the smudge stick takes awhile to ignite fully once alight

place in a fire proof bowl. Once it starts burning gently blow the flame out it will then start to smoulder gently fan the smoke around yourself this will bring positive energy replacing all your negative thoughts with good ones




Never leave them unattended

Always blow out the flame leaving it to smoulder like an incense stick

Never inhale the smoke

Always dispose of the stick in  an environmentally friendly way

I usually run it under the tap and then put into the compost bin


Happy smudging and love and light

This helpful guide will help you gather the right plants for the right occasion.  

Agrimony – helps to see thing as they truly are , and for psychic shielding


Aloe – strong willpower and inner energy


Angelica –burn died leaves for protection and healing


Anise – keeps away nightmares


Apple- for love beauty friendship youth and innocence


Arnica – speed healing


Ash- the world tree purification and cleansing


Aspen – higher power


Basil – sacred whole spiritual  gives protection repels negativity brings wealth


Bay- guardian of the house protects against illness, burn leaves to produce visions


Beech-stability flow of energy protector of written wisdom guardian of knowledge


Black cohosh – positively and energy


Blessed thistle – protection against negative influences


Blessed thistle-brings spiritual and financial blessings fresh plant brings strengthening energy to the sickroom  


Blue flag iris – calming helps you trust those inner feelings


Borage – courage optimism


Broom- ardor

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Smudge Sticks

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The meanings of plant trees and herbs     A/B  C/H   J/S   T/Z

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