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How to read your future


Sit comfortable in an upright chair or crossed legged on a cushion,

Your back should be straight and your hands resting on your thighs with your palms facing upwards

Close your eyes for a few moments concentrating on your breathing feel calm and relaxed.

on your mental screen draw three circles, this is somewhere in your mind label one of them 6 months, one year, five years. Think of three things you would like to have. These can be anything from a new car or house losing weight etc

Postulate that your three desires will go into different circles, do not place them wishes in them your self rather watch them go in, and more than one thing can go in the same circle. Watch where and notice how you feel about it. If you would like to make a few changes in which wish went into which circle move it to one circle to another if something remains on the outside, which as not gone into a circle yet ask for a number to appear beneath it. This will then tell you how many years it will be before it comes to pass, dissolve the circles and come out of your trance.

Hand energising exercise


Sit comfortable in an upright chair or crossed legged on a cushion,

Your back should be straight and your hands resting on your thighs with your palms facing upwards

Close your eyes for a few moments concentrating on you're breathing feel calm and relaxed.

Focus your attention on the centre of your palms imagine a light coming down into your palms using your breath, breathe in light to your palms, breathe it in.

The light is absorbed on the in breath ……

Notice any sensations in your palms now

Using your out breath now project that light out through your hands towards anyone you think may need your help. This exercise can be used before you give healing help towards anyone or yourself.

Energy sensing exercise


Sit comfortably with your palms facing one another but not quite touching slowly move your palms away from each other.

Bring them together establish a gentle rhythm, moving together then apart as though there was an invisible band.

You may feel as though you are holding something

You may begin to feel an energy field build up between your hands just close your eyes and breathe in an even and relaxed way.

Notice how far apart you can take your hands before you lose that energy, the more times you try this exercise the longer you will notice the energy around you



Try this imaging exercise before you go to sleep, to clear unwanted static that you have collected during the day very useful if you have been drained by someone.


Waterfall cleansing exercise focus on you're breathing taking some deep and easy breathes

Imagine or get the sense of a beautiful crystal clear waterfall splashing down.

Now imagine, that you are standing underneath it is going through your Auric field taking with it all the slow frequency energy and any blocks of static. In its clarity and refreshing coolness feel invigorated.

Now imagine that the water is entering through the top of your head and goes through your body and out through the ends of your fingers and toes notice this water coming out it might seem cloudy and darker continue to allow the water to move through you until the colour runs clear as the waterfall itself when that happens imagine you are filling your inner space with water clear and clean.

Now step out from under the waterfall and find a white cloak or coat that is there for you, putting this on and wrapping it around you, ensure that your personal space is protected from invasion.

You may fall asleep now if you haven’t already done so bless.

Past life regression


Reincarnation is the theory that a persons soul, survives after death. Then returns at varying intervals to be born in another psychic body, for the purpose of what?

Growing knowledge? Self awareness?  Wisdom

We experience this life as either male or female as a member of various races and social economic classes status wealth and social position disappear at death we are all born with nothing thus die with nothing.

But the lessons and growth gained from various experiences are what remain; you may see the reflections of your past life in your daily life. You may have a particular talent in art; language etc. the chances are is that you have been involved with those things in recent passed lives.

You may experience fears for which no explanation can be found. In your present lifetime, there are many misconceptions about reincarnation and one of the most common is that people reincarnate as animals or insects.

There is no given evidence of this happening, I have never heard or read about this happening myself.  we are spirits who  must have a physical body to inhabit so that we may function in a physical world. I have always believed I am a spirit having a human experience rather than a human having a spiritual one as most people do

We reincarnate to learn lives lessons what they are I have no idea

When we begin to recognise the role which past actions have played in creating both the desirable and undesirable elements of your present life, this becomes a very strong motivation to make every effort to be the best you can be today. To build a better tomorrow because in doing so we will not have to go through this life lesson again. For some of us that would be a good thing of course so just remember always


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