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Thorn apple – it opens doors to perception


Thyme – increase in energy and long life for courage and confidence


Tiger lily – inner calm harmony and good


Tobacco- introduces sacred spirit


Valerian- brings love and harmony


Vervain – more balanced with life  for inner strength and peace


Violet- contentment and love


Wallflower- confidence beauty in the inner self  and fidelity in adversity


Walnut – protection and self fulfillment


Water lily – releases your fears


Which hazel – helps when you feel impure


Willow- love and regeneration lunar and feminine rhythms healing and to empower wishes and good fortune


Wood betony – higher spiritual energies


Yarba Santa – promotes the release of unresolved emotions


Yarrow – protects against negative influences and psychic influences


Yew- immortality transformation and inner wisdom

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Plants and Herbs T/ Z

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The meanings of plant trees and herbs     A/B  C/H  J/S  T/Z

The meanings of plant trees and herbs     A/B  C/H  J/S  T/Z

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