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Jasmine-induces lucid dreaming brings good fortune in love friendship and wealth raises self esteem  awareness and wisdom


Juniper- calms and brings good health .berries ward off evil


Ladies mantle – eternal for female divine power


Ladies slipper – inner strength and calming wisdom


Larch – hidden abilities


Lavender-purifying brings peace and happiness love and helps sweet dreams calms the mind spiritual growth


Lemon- attracts happiness relives stress


Lemon balm – lifts the spirits strength and courage


Lettuce-induces sleep assists in divination


Lily of the valley- brings peace harmony and love


Lime- increases energy encourages loyalty


Linden lime – love sweetness peace happiness


Lotus- emblem of enlightenment elevates and protects


Magnolia- assures fidelity


Marigold – the cycles of life for communication


Meadow sweet – peace and harmony


Mistletoe- for protection love and visionary ability hang on the bed post for beautiful dreams strength and energy


Mugwort – enhances moon like receptive quality of the psychic awareness of dream world  inner light helps you to be true to your self


Mullein – Mustard – inner peace and joy


Nasturainium – warmth vitality earthly


Nettle – re – establish unity


Oak- wisdom strength endurance grooves of oak trees associated with prophecy and divination strength willpower courage


Olive- brings peace of mind and fidelity in love fruitfulness an security peace and inner strength


Opium poppy – strength and courage


Orange- attracts peace power and luck


Oregon grape – self love trust and good will


Orris- attracts love and romance


Passion flower – helps you get in touch with your inner soul calms the spirit fosters friendship brings peace and understanding


Penny royal- increases alertness helps peace between partners


Peony – strength helps with disturbing dreams


Peppermint – awakens the mind body and soul


Periwinkle – closeness clears the mind


Pine- grounding and cleansing for use with a fresh start repels evil cleansing and purifying  forgiveness


Pique flower – enhances the inner strength


Prunellia -  confidence  self heal


Purple cornflower – Echinacea helps to bring about a sense of wholeness and inner peace  


Red clover – balancer self awareness


Rice- attracts fertility and money


Rock rose – courage


Rose  Hybid – love warmth


Rose- blesses love domestic peace generosity and beauty


Rosemary – clarity inner peace


Rosemary- protects the home brings mental clarity and sharpens memory


Rowan- protection against evil enchantment and negative energy’s development of psychic powers


Sage – inner peace and wisdom  brings wisdom fertility healing and long life


Silver birch-new beginnings healing mysteries of the maiden


Skullcap – relaxation


St johns wort – dispels fears an negatives


Strawberry- for love and luck


Sundew – keeps you focused


Sunflower –happiness joy and inner light


Sweet chestnut – inner transformation


Sweet marjoram – helps you to be more self reliant


Sweet pea-  for friendship and courage


Sweet violet – openness and warmth

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The meanings of plant trees and herbs     A/B  C/H  J/S  T/Z

The meanings of plant trees and herbs     A/B  C/H  J/S  T/Z

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