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Cabbage-brings good luck


California poppy – spiritual highs awakening the light within


Camellia- perfect loveliness




Carnation- pure love


Carrot seed-illuminating use for visions and vision quests journeying


Caster oil plant – vitally mind and body


Catnip – awakens the mind body and soul encourages a psychic bond with cats attracts luck and happiness


Cayenne – creative energy and new phase of life


Centaury – self will and assertiveness


Chamomile-for meditation and relaxation use in prosperity charms to attract money soothes inner tensions the sun behind the clouds


Chickweed – helps you let go of the past


Chickweed-for attracting love and maintaining a relationship


Chicory – give love unselfishly


Chili- assures fidelity and love


Cinnamon- aphrodisiac draws money protection and success


Clove- banishes hostile or negative forces and helps to gain what is sought use it in spells to spot gossip


Clover- for love and fidelity  happiness


Coltsfoot-brings love wealth and peace


Comfrey- for safety when traveling


Cowslip – primrose keeps you grounded


Cranes bill – joy happiness


Cyclamen-for love and truth


Daffodil-in matters of regard


Dandelion –energy activity and inner ease enhances dreams and prophetic power


Dill – spiritually develop a understanding of our inner self’s


Dogwood- charm and finesse


Elder – calms fears strength


Elm- love light purification death and rebirth


Eucalyptus – librating effect helping one to except life as it is


Evening primrose – silent love and inner calm


Eyebright – insight and inner visions


Fennel- protects from curses


Feverfew – soothing and calming


Forget me not – deeper understanding of love


Gardenia- for peace and healing


Garlic – flower of power gives protection for fears anxieties and negative influences for magical healing protection and exorcism


Gentian – faith and confidence  you are unjust


Geranium- comfort


Ginger – relives tension and fear


Ginger- for success and empowerment


Ginseng – helps you connect to your spiritual side


Grape-for fertility and garden magic attracts money


Greater celandine – telepathic communication


Hawthorn –enhances love and opening the heart and hope  marriage fertility happiness protection of children


Hazel-wisdom fertility used for wands and divining


Heartsease – healing the heart and happiness


Hibiscus-attracts love aids divination and dreams


Holly-strongest protective tree dream magic wisdom and courage healing of subtle bodies insecurity lack of love


Hollyhock- use if you feel lonely cut off ,helps you over come barriers that hold you back  ambition


Honey suckle – helps you let go of the past strengthens the memory


Hops – spiritual growth improves health and induces sleep goddess  energy


Horse chestnut – the flower of Jupiter helps to calm mind and to learn life lessons


Hyacinth-for love and protection


Hyssop – forgiveness   purification dispels negativity

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Plants and Herbs C and H

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The meanings of plant trees and herbs     A/B  C/H  J/S  T/Z

The meanings of plant trees and herbs     A/B  C/H  J/S  T/Z

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