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Take three deep breathes and on the out breath let go of any tension or stress

Just allow yourself to relax ………………

Now take yourself into your minds eye to a place you know, or only dream about a place where there is utter piece and tranquillity, become aware of your surroundings using your inner eyes ears nose and touch.

When you feel ready to move on, see your sense of energy, which represents your higher self ………

It may take a form or be represented by a colour …..

Allow the energies of your charka to rise up and merge with this form, feel your mind clear as the will of your higher self takes over, from the thoughts of the day and fills it with a sense of peace…..

Now bring the energy down through the crown charka, right down to the base charka.

Allowing it to enter every cell of your body, replacing disharmony …………

With peace……… when the energy reaches the base charka, let it pass out though your feet deep into the ground, where it links with mother earth. …..

See the two energies merge ………………. And rise up to the higher self once again continue then allow the energies to circle between the higher self and mother earth, with your body as the receiver of these energies…………….. Your are totally at peace and relaxed and in the presence of your creator.

Allow this feeling to permeate your whole body, illuminating from within. Be at peace with yourself … when you are ready, and in your own time imagine that you are closing each charka in turn…..

Starting with the crown charka just closing the point of light, and the chakras like flowers closing back to buds ………. When you have done this surround yourself with the bright energy from mother earth, this white golden light so that you can continue with your daily activities. Slowly come back from your deep relaxed state breathe slowly and evenly and slowly open your eyes, you will feel calm refreshed and relaxed …………….



This exercise is designed to take you on a journey that will lead you to the centre of your being. You will need a small mirror (a make up one would be perfect)

Sit or lie yourself in the quiet place you have chosen and take several deep breaths to relax. Do not rush yourself - let calmness wash over you with each intake of breath. DO NOT AT THIS POINT THINK ABOUT CONTACTING SPIRIT! You are merely doing this first exercise simply to know YOU!

Look into the mirror, concentrate on the face you see, you think you know it well, the face you see every day as you look into the bathroom  mirror. But how well do you really know the person behind face??? Gaze into the eyes ... it is said that the eyes are the mirror to your soul! Be aware of the fact that the physical form is not the real you, say to yourself "I am not this body" and go deeper within. Now think about what you are feeling. Are you happy? Sad? calm? or anxious? Our emotions can often rule us to our detriment - and are stronger than our reason. Emotions are in fact transitory. observe what you are feeling and gently remind yourself that these intense emotions are just squalls on the surface of the water. Underneath theirs CALM.

take a step backwards - detach yourself from your emotions as you say to yourself " i am not these feelings, i possess them but they do not possess ME"

Go deeper again ... the mind is like a well, however far you delve into it, you will never reach the bottom, but try to go as deeply as you can. Feel the restlessness and worries diminish as you go deeper and deeper.

It is impossible to make the mind blank so do not try to force your thoughts to be still. just relax as you continue to delve deeper within yourself. Try to touch the deepest part of yourself and to be aware that the inner self is who you TRULY are.





to those guides who are  your personal communicators. You do not need to distinguish individuals at this stage, just be aware that they are there for you, watching over you and to protect you. Send out your love and try to feel the response. This need not come in words or pictures - the knowing in your heart will be sufficient!

IF you feel that this is the right time for you and if you are sure that medium ship is the path you wish to follow, silently make your own act of dedication.

Hold those thoughts steady in your mind for a few moments and when you sense enough time has passed give thanks and close down psychically by picturing a cloak of white light folded tightly all around you. Finally, to bring yourself completely back down to earth have something light to eat and also make yourself a drink.

Each time you meditate re-affirm your link with the spirit world as this way you will be building your own rainbow bridge, and making it even firmer and more secure. you still have a long way to go but you will have taken the first and most important step on the path to your medium  ship.





Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, then as you do this relax the whole body. Start with your toes - tense the muscles then relax them, do the same with the ankles, and work your way progressively up the body tensing and relaxing each part in turn. Pay particular attention to the solar plexus and release any emotions you may be storing there. Finally finish with the eyes and the muscles of the face.

Now sit up straight, making sure your spine is erect but not tense.

Fix your attention on the base of your spine - take a deep breath - and as you breathe in imagine energy coming up from the earth through the soles of your feet, up your legs and up to the base charka. **mentally picture this charka opening like a flower and concentrate to see if you can feel any heat in this region**

Let the breath out and as you breathe in again draw the power up to the solar plexus centre and feel the petals opening as before.

On the next breath, take the energy up to the heart charka centre and so on through the throat and brow chakras - visualising each one in turn opening like flowers.

On the final breath, take the power all the way up to the crown of the head to the thousand petaled lotus. Then let it cascade like a fountain of light down through all the charka centres and through your entire body filling you with vitality!

Rest for a short while before focusing your attention back to the crown centre. You have now drawn up the earth energy - now you are going to draw down the spiritual energy of the realms.


Picture a golden light above your head and let that light descend to each of the chakras in turn. Feel it flooding every pore of your being with love. This light will brings you increased energy and well being and is also your own protection against negativity either physically or spiritually. The light forms a shield so that any negative energy directed at you will bounce off it.

Feel the two streams of energy merging at the heart centre, the heart is the point of balance. ( if you imagine the body is a CROSS it would be the point where the two bars meet)

When this heart charka centre is fully activated everything you do through your medium ship will be motivated with love.

To finish, hold your attention steady on the heart and send out you're loving thoughts to those in the spirit world, asking that they will blend their energies with yours and help you to meet on the rainbow bridge is the magical bridge from this world to theirs.

Crown Charka Meditation

A MEDITATION EXERCISE  for contacting the higher self

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