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They are among us everywhere we are just trained not to see them, but if we really open our eyes. We can then feel, see, or sense them around us all of the time. These celestial beings give us unconditional love guidance and protection.

They give me a direction, to go in either to be more caring, to look within, and trust my judgements, they are our answers and they will prompt and guide us though everything in life. They also pick me up when i am feeling low, and to surround myself in white light. This helps me feel stronger and able to walk the path of life, with all its ups and downs.  They are many Angelic beings around us Divas, fairies, elves to name a few, though time they have always represented great love and peace between this world and the spirit world. They light our way, and have the power to dispel darkness, that we have inside, i am show that we all fell this darkness at some times in our lives. We are going through tough times in the world, to know that i have them standing beside me, gives me hope for the future for everyone. May you find many angels in your life as i have:

I have chosen a few Angel cards from Amazon for you to look at or either buy for yourself, there are so many of them out there, let your eyes choose for you, which I do you like first, this is how I usually choose mine and the ones for my friends and family.

About Angels or Archangels  choose an Angel card for today

Also if you click on the links on the side, Self help, Healing.  there are some beautiful angels made from wood. I have bought many of these for myself and friends and family too.

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