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Find a quiet, comfortable place somewhere you are not going to be disturbed. Turn off your mobile and light some candles and an incense stick( I use Nag Champa)

Ask a friend or member of your family to be seated in an upright chair, you should be able to gain access the neck and shoulders, get them to sit comfortably, legs side by side, and hands resting upwards on their thighs, then close their eyes.

Stand behind them, taking slow even deep breaths draw in your inner power from sanctuary, feel yourself getting attuned to the healing let it flow through your body and hands with love, harmony and peace.

Place your hands lightly on the shoulders of your friend. Your thumbs should almost meet at the top of the spine or base of the neck. Be confident that you are a channel for healing energy. In order to get to beat any blocks you may have at first, imagine beautiful, white healing energy coming down out of the sky above you, and flowing through your head, shoulders and down through your arms to your hands. Don’t be alarmed if your hands suddenly feel hot and tingly. That’s good. The energy may also feel cold. It’s one peculiarity of healing -- the energy will always fit your friends  requirements.


Don't let that previous note put you off. Accept what healing there is -- it's normally powerful stuff. Healing, particularly for a serious condition, will require several sessions. How long is a session? They can run for five, ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes. You’ll know when it’s over, because the energy will stop.

When you have finished, mentally thank Infinite Intelligence. Then move to the front of your friend and imagine you are closing off their body from any negative exposure. You do this by gently moving your open right hand, over the solar plexus, and saying: “I am now closing you off.” A Footnote here: As you progress in this beautiful work, you may sense other spirits working with you. They will be spirit guides, spirit doctors working from the Other Side. But always remember it is Infinite Intelligence who is the Source of all healing energy.

By Contacting your local Spiritualist Church, you can gain more knowledge and guidance there are also many books on the market or internet which will help you achieve more insight.


May you always find love and light in all you do.

Healing touch one

Charka connection

Healing Two

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How to Do the One Hour Healing Touch Sequence

Step 1

Interview your client. The intake assessment includes the client's reason for receiving treatment and their permission to treat.

Step 2

Prepare for healing. The practitioner situates the client comfortably on the massage table and then blends energies with them through physical touch. The healer then centres himself and sets his intention for healing.

Step 3

Complete a pre-treatment assessment. The client's energy field is assessed through hand scan, pendulum or other tools. The information is gathered and recorded on the client's treatment form.

Step 4

Perform the Spiral Meditation, and then follow it with the Charka Connection. 5

Treat the client using any Healing Touch technique that is specific to the client's problem. Such treatment modalities include (but are not limited to) Pain Drain, Magnetic Clearing, Mind Clearing and intuitive work.

Step 6

Conduct a post treatment energy assessment. Re scan or retest the client's field with a pendulum or other energy tool and note any changes. Record your findings in the client treatment note.

Step 7

Close your client's spiral, then ground and release them to complete your energy treatment.

Step 8

Evaluate your client's experience by noting any

changes in relaxation, skin colour and breathing. In addition, ask for their feedback regarding the treatment session and document all of your findings in the treatment note

Healing touch Two

How to Use Healing Touch for Charka Connection

Step 1

Stand behind your client and centre yourself. Visualize energy being pulled up from the earth through your spine and spreading throughout your body. When you feel the calm flow of energy, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Prepare for treatment by having your client lie on their back on a bed or massage table. Centre your attention on your heart imagining a ball of light radiating from your heart up to your throat. Divide the light into two balls sending one to each shoulder and down the arms to your palms.

Step 3

Begin by standing to the right of your client placing one hand on their right knee while the other gently holds their ankle. Maintain your hold for about one minute or until you feel the flow of energy between your hands.

Step 4

Continue progressing from legs to head holding your hands on the following areas for one minute: right knee to hip, left ankle to knee, left knee to hip, both hips, root (area below groin) to abdomen (sacral centre between belly button and groin), abdomen to solar plexus (between belly button and heart), solar plexus to spleen (below ribs on left side of body), solar plexus to heart, heart to high heart (between throat and heart), right wrist to elbow, right elbow to shoulder, left wrist to elbow, left elbow to shoulder, both shoulders, high heart to throat, throat to brow (forehead), brow to crown (top of head), crown to transverse point (area six to eight inches above the head).

Step 5

End the Charka Spread by holding your client's feet and saying their name softly.


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