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Hope gives and forgives

Hope is the law of kindness

The art of generosity

The light of the sun

The rain for the trees

The water for the ocean dwellers

The movement in our hearts

The twinkling in the stars

Courage finds its spirit in hope.


And then the day came,

when the risk

to remain tight

in a bud

was more painful

than the risk

it took

to Blossom.

Ask  your self the following questions


It takes between 15 and 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full, so it’s important to eat slowly. Before you eat, and then throughout the meal, listen to how hungry you feel and place yourself on the following scale.


1. to 3. You are ravenously hungry.

3 to 5 you are hungry but no more than that.

5 to 7 you don’t really need to eat anymore.

7 to 10 you are not hungry anymore but could manage a bit more.

10+    you have eaten fit to burst.


If you’re a 3, you probably don’t need to eat much more.

If you’re a 3 to 5 try not to give yourself extra helpings, select your  last mouthful and savoir it.

6 plus you’re into the realm of over eating, remember it takes time to form new habits, carry on practicing the techniques outlined above.


You will get there!


Feel your Hunger

Aim for 4 hours without eating anything, just to prove that you can do it, if you don’t feel hungry after 4 hours you have been in the habit of filling up in advance. A sign you may have lost touch with how you feel about food, but if you are hungry all the time, you could be confusing psychological  with psychological hunger.


Establish a routine

To be physically aware of feeling hungry and feeling full, you need to experience both regularly. Eat meals at set times and have the same thing for breakfast everyday for 10 days, I no this sounds boring, but trust me it will help you find out if you are really hungry before meal times, especially  on those certain days when we are feeling low, this will also help you tell easily when you are full.


Concentrate on how things taste.

Pay attention to what you are eating, does it taste nice, or just ok? Pausing to think about your food is essential because it challenges your assumptions. We can eat a whole cake even though it does not taste nice, but because we imagine it to be delicious even tough it does not taste that good, this also helps you to eat more slowly, what is the rush anyway? It’s taken you all that time to cook it so enjoy every mouthful until you are feeling full.


  1. Work out what you really want, tune into what your body really needs instead of  how much you think it does, ask yourself am I really that hungry? Am I comfort eating? We all do this to a certain degree, reflecting on your feelings will mean that you stay within your limits
  2. Don’t eat more now just in case, just eat enough to make you feel full at that moment, and remember if you are truly hungry, you can eat later, there is no such thing as not eating after 6 PM, it is ok for you to do this, if you are hungry! Always listen to your true hunger feelings, and feed them when needed.

You are the best judge of your diet, we eat to please others and take extra helpings just to avoid upsetting someone, this all stems from when we were young,” don’t leave the table until you have eaten everything off your plate”. You don’t have to rush it any more your brother or sister are not going to take it from you. Focus on the signals that your body is giving you while you eat, even if your brain is telling you different. You are educating yourself into different eating habits that will help you to lose weight and stay that way forever, no more dieting, just listening to your bodies needs. And yes this does work. Give it a try.


In one month I have lost one stone. I eat what I want but in smaller quantities. And yes even that nice bar of chocolate. Or glass of wine just remember to saviour the taste.

People who think positively when they begin a diets are more likely to succeed and shred those extra pounds,

 if your brain thinks you are going to do something that makes it unhappy.


It will attempt to stop you so you will notice all those things that you cannot have on an ordinary diet!


Which we always do, I won’t mention those things you know what they are.

Nothing in life is to be feared...

It is only to be understood.
Fear is just information missing.

Walking though the fear sets us free from the illusions


I saw eternity the other night

Like a great ring of pure endless light

All calm as it was bright

And round beneath it

Time in hours, days and years

Driving by the spheres

Like a vast shadow moved

Henry Vaughan ….The World!

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