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So what is charka? The word itself is Sanskrit and means wheel they are spinning

energy vortices they interact with your auric field we need to understand our

charka system because it has a direct connection to our physical, emotional,

and spiritual well being, understanding its functions can help us respond to

life with awareness.


The seven major charka's each have

A different frequency

A different colour

A relationship with different emotional and spiritual issues

A connection to a different endocrine gland and nerve plexus

A different age at which it develops

A different governing element ( earth, water, fire, air )



The seven major ones are aligned with our spinal column they are many

different minor ones ranging from those in the palm of our hands, soles of our feet,

behind the knees and elbows to others scattered throughout the body.


The base and root charka


Colour –red

Development age is 0- 3 years

Endocrine gland – adrenals

Sense – smell

Element- earth

Concerns – security belonging being here and now

Out of balance – overly concerned with material security airy fairy

not really here people Feeling unsafe lack of security no sense of belonging

Body symptoms – problems with the kidneys, rectum, hips, bowel spasm, piles colitis,

Soul issues – to be part of the living universe


The sacral


Position – just below the navel

Colour – orange

Development age – 3-5 years

Endocrine gland – reproductive glands

Sense – taste

Element- water

Concerns – intimacy sharing childlike mystery self respect

Out of balance – need to posses another. Fear of intimacy creative blocks

Body symptoms – reproductive system

Soul issues – to experience intimacy with another with a sense of self respect


The solar plexus charka


Colour – yellow

Position – solar plexus just below the breast bone

Development age – 8- 12 years  

Endocrine gland – pancreas

Sense – sight

Element- fire

Concerns – self worth determination identity personal power

Out of balance – self centred powerless need to control

Body symptoms – diabetes liver disease stomach spleen  


Heart charka –


Colour – green with rose pink

Position – the centre of the chest

Development age – 12- 15 years

Endocrine gland – thymus

Sense – touch

Element- air

Concerns – compassion vulnerability tenderness hurt bitterness forgiveness

Out of balance – inability to love or at least accept

Body symptoms – heart diseases of the immune system

Soul issues – to give and receive love without conditions to listen to love


The throat charka


Colour – turquoise/ aquamarine

Position – throat

Development age – 15-21 years

Endocrine gland –thyroid

Sense – hearing

Element- ether

Concerns –self expression trust freedom

Out of balance – incessant chattering

Body symptoms – with the thyroid sore throat hearing difficulties  

Soul issues – to feel free to speak honestly and openly to trust the soul to speak the truth


The brow charka or third eye


Colour – indigo blue

Position – above and between the eyes

Endocrine gland – pituitary

Sense – none

Element- none

Concerns –intuition inspiration confusion clarity

Out of balance – lack of trust always in another world

Body symptoms – tension headaches

Soul issues – to trust the insight and intuition to see beyond everyday limitations


The crown charka


Colour – violet / amethyst silver gold

Position – top of the head

Endocrine gland – pineal

Sense – none

Element- none

Concerns –knowing the unknowable connection

Out of balance – despair no sense of connection

Body symptoms – depression brain disorders

Soul issues – to become self conscious


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