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Do you believe you have Healing Touch?

Posted June 18th, 2010 by Carol

The simple thing is by believing in ourselves  we all have the inbuilt ability  to heal  ourselves or anyone else for that matter, all we have to do is learn to believe that we can.

How many times  have you kissed it better for a child,  put your own hand over a cut and the pain as lessened. Soothed a crying child,  held someone close and really felt there pain,
When we are ill if we lay in bed and feel the pain that we are feeling all the time , it just gets worse  but when we get up and try to forget about how much ache  the pains always subside.
go  on give it a try.

the universe is full of energy fields all interacting with each other, we ourselves are also made up of energy and have the ability to send these energy forces out to others, in many ways we generate energy all the time in our thoughts and feelings good or bad. Most people find this gift when they are very young. But a lot of us don’t really believe we can do it ourselves, my answer is yes we can and we do it all the time without even realising it.

How you touch is important, it helps to know a few things to begin with if you want to learn more please visit my Website

22 Responses to “Do you believe you have Healing Touch?”

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  10. Lise Bertoli (1 comments.)

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  11. Carol (37 comments.)

    Hello Lise My Blog is called Healing Through Self , and on here you will find all things to do with Healing, but every blogs post comes up with an extra, healingthroughself then a number this is how blogs work, if i just named it one thing then no one would see the rest of the things i had on here, thank you for your comment Carol

  12. Caprice Rohwer (1 comments.)

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  14. Pete Grantier (1 comments.)

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  15. lovely(new comment)

    Its true that the more we think of our illness the more we feel this. Sometimes when I took care of my goddaughter she always cried when she is left by her mom but when I am trying to place my hand on her forehead and start comforting her. She stopped crying and then keeps her smile on her face.
    lovely´s last blog ..Spiritual Movies- The Best Movies for All TimesMy ComLuv Profile

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  22. Calisha Short(new comment)

    Thank you for your article Carol. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and others, and your beautiful words will help others to realize this.

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