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Halo = Egyptian sun disc Christians were buried facing the east, halo s like much of Christian symbology were borrowed from the ancient Egyptian religion of sun worship. Christianity is filled with examples of sun worship = December 25th pagan holiday according to the bible Christ was born on in March. Between the 21st and the 25th of December the sun returns and ours days start getting longer

How true; I do not know, some say it is that the planet Venus traced a perfect pentacle across the sky every eight years the Greeks used this eight year cycle to organise their Olympics. The five pointed star was going to become the official emblem of the Olympics but it was changed to the five circles at the last moment.


All Matter is Energy


Albert Einstein's equation E=MC² tells us that all matter is energy.

Physicists have proven that metal, plastic, wood and everything else in our

World that appears solid is actually made up of swirling molecules

Temporarily moulded in their current patterns and vibrating at the rates of

Metal, plastic or wood. Everything breaks down into subatomic particles of

Energy. And most importantly, our bodies are energy. Nothing is solid. It

Is all energy. Energy is nonphysical in nature and infinite.

In fact, physicists have isolated the smallest particles of

Energy . . . units far smaller than the atom . . . and examined them in sealed

Chambers. The particles remained constantly in motion until they eventually

Fell to the bottom of the chamber, where they appeared to die. But soon, the

Particles bounced back. Only this time, energy was a new size and weight

And moving in a new pattern and speed.

What can we conclude from this?

Energy cannot die, it can only transform.

The obstacles to all our desires are really only energy and those energies can be transformed.

Since we all are energy, we have always existed in some form, and we

Will always exist in some form

By becoming aware of energy and consciously using your

Awareness of it to transform the undesirable energies into desirable energies,

You are taking a big step in the direction of your unlimited potential, toward

That which is already yours. Remember energy cannot die it can only transform.

our soul is energy our aura is energy we are energy.



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Mother earth our planet is an organism

all of us are cells with different purposes

and yet we are intertwined serving each other

                                                             serving the whole.

If you have ever looked into a baby’s eyes ?

you will of noticed a gaze of frank innocence

There is a total absence of fear,

and it is almost as if they are looking right into you.

And they will hold the  observation for as long as interested.

What is the baby looking at or taking in?

The Aura / soul gains experience

through many lifetimes on earth


Of the running water to you


Of the flowing air to you


Of the quiet earth to you




Preventing Yourself From Being Drained

The next time you encounter your friend who drains you,

assume this posture. Simply  rest your hands casually on your lap,

touch your fingers and cross your ankles.

It is casual and simple, and no one will suspect you of anything.

You can also do this when on the phone with such people.

No one has the right to take your energy without your permission


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