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I believe we are all here for a reason,  in the next piece Marie Uchytilova, found what she had to do in life. I was not around at the time of the war but reading the next piece moved me to tears. When you look at the faces of those children, and how special all children are. I love history and I love to read, this story as always stuck with me for a long time, the suffering and the loss to each and every family is vast! She wanted to make a statement and she did, may this help to stop all wars. Let’s hope it does, they should be no need for human suffering anywhere in our world.

The work of Marie Uchytilova in 1945 when the world was celebrating world peace, Marie was twenty one. One Czechoslovakia’s most promising young sculptors, the war had made a deep and lasting impression on her. In particular, she was appalled by the fate of thirteen million children who had perished during six years of war.

Marie was determined that a tragedy of such vast proportions should not be forgotten, but that it should be used to awaken the love that all nations and peoples share for children.

Marie believed that this wealth for deep human feeling we could  channel to deter future wars, and to inspire nations to find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts.

It was not until 1969 that Marie found a concept to accomplish her vision. It was based on the events of 1942 in a small village of Lidice in Czechoslovakia. In June of that year eighty two children of Lidice were taken from their parents and the village razed to the ground in a reprisal for killing of a S'S officer. The children varying from 1 – 16 were taken to a concentration and gassed.

Marie decided that she would sculpt each of the eighty two children, creating a group composition of slightly larger than life figures. So powerful was Marie’s conviction that for twenty years, without a days rest she poured her love into her little ones.

Marie finished her life’s work just before her death in 1989 and it as been acclaimed a master peace. Marie, with the eloquence of a master, has laid bare the terrible vulnerability of childhood. In their innocence, each of the figures calls out to us for protection and love. No one can remain unmoved in their presence.

The more we understand the oneness of life, the more we must accept responsibility for events like those of Lidice. This responsibility leads us to a sense of urgency - an urgency to heal, to make peace, to build the fabric of our lives a world that cares too much to allow such tragedies to happen again.

Marie felt that urgency and acted on it in the only way she new how - by creating a work of art of such sensitivity and beauty that it can heal hearts and minds and transform tragedy into triumph.



lidice children
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