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Please don’t believe people who tell you that you do not have a gift, we all have a gift of some sort, and we only have to find ours and then develop it. All it takes is a little bit of knowledge training and dedication.

We all have a natural instinct, this comes into force when are friends and family are in trouble, you seem to know before they tell you. Have you dreamed or thought about a person you have not seen for a long time and then the next day you see them or they ring you. You sense that the person you have just met is a good or bad person from the moment you first meet them, is that just a guess?   

We all have the intuition and psychic abilities, and we are born with them! never lose them  as we grow older, we just never thought about them that way.

There are various exercises that can help to develop these abilities, one tool of developing psychic or healing is to meditate, and some of you may already do this without knowing, have you ever just switched off  for a couple of minutes in a world of your own. And when you snap out of the trance like state you don’t know where you have been or for how long, that is a kind of meditation and it is also very good for you to give your brain a rest every now and then say 10 minutes everyday just to start off with.

A couple of years ago I came across a Website of how to develop psychically this helped me with my first meditations and psychic growth. And now I am going to pass them on to you hoping that the owner does not mind.

Inner seeing is inner knowledge awareness of this is all you need


of all choose a good time and place where you are unlikely to be disturbed, un-plug the phone, and lock the door…… find a comfortable position, either sitting cross-legged on the floor, perhaps with your back resting against a wall…. sitting in a comfortable chair with both feet firmly on the ground and your hands resting gently and open on your knees…. or lying down on the floor or on a bed (this last position the less effective as your liable to fall asleep!)

of all take a few moments simply to relax and allow yourself to breathe normally…. then for a few moments focus your attention on your breath gently going in and out… not forcing it, just gently watching it … being aware of it… going in and out, and then take a deep breath…. hold it for a few seconds… and let it out as a sigh.Do this twice more and then relax.

imagine above your head is a beautiful golden light… as if coming down from the Sun… tilt your head a little so that the golden warmth is coming down and bathing your face in a warm healing golden light… feel this light very slowly moving down from your head to your shoulders and gradually and slowly down the whole of your body, down to the ground…. as this healing golden light passes down your body feel that it takes with it all the tension… all the Tiredness….all the un-wellness and distress that your body may contain.Feel it gently move its way down through your body and into the floor, down into the ground…. and imagine it continuing down….deep into the earth's core…. where all the Tiredness and negative energies will be transmuted once again into positive energy for the earth's use.

sit in your cleansed and totally relaxed state, allow your mind and your body to be calm and hold, that space for as many minutes as is comfortable for you… in your own time and when you are ready… allow your consciousness to come slowly back into the room, into the everyday… stretch and relax! You will feel renewed and refreshed, and this is the FIRST EXERCISE.

suggest that you try this for a few days… nothing more, to see how you master it and how good it makes you feel, and when you have begun to feel the benefit of it then move on to the next stage which is…..


The next stage in your development exercises is ‘opening the golden door’ and to do this make sure that once again the phone is off the hook… the door is locked… and no one will disturbed you.

Repeat the “golden light” exercise.

As you finish the golden light exercise, then visualise yourself standing at the top of a beautiful staircase… a winding staircase made of white marble with a golden handrail that winds down to a circular hallway… above you is a greater glass dome through which the sun is shining, filling the space with golden warming light… the same light that you used to cleanse and relax earlier… taking your time, slowly begin to walk down the white and golden staircase feeling the cool marble beneath your bare feet, as you go down and curve around to the small circular hallway below… with every step down feel yourself deeply relaxing and calming… This is taking you down to your basic psychic level, the level from which you may work in the psychic field. As you reach the circular hall way… stop for a moment and breathe in the warm and scented are and be aware of the beauty of the marble and the gold and the sunlight above you.See before you a tall golden door… shaped like an archway and very ornately carved… as you walk up to it and study the carving… you are aware that your name is carved intricately at just above your eye level… put your hand out and trace the carving of your name on the door, and as you do…. the door slowly begins to swing open… and golden light begins to flood out… the room is warm. Light... and inviting. You hesitate for but a moment and then cross the threshold. You have reached your basic psychic level as you have crossed through the golden door!

Inside this wonderful golden room you will find a huge and comfortable chair upholstered in rich and golden tapestries with gorgeous deep cushions for your use only! Sit in this huge and wonderfully comfortable chair and you will be ready to do any psychic work that you are capable.

a few moments of delicious comfort, peace and relaxation in your golden chair, and when you are refreshed and ready…. slowly stand and leave your room, gently closing the door behind you .Slowly and peacefully mount the circular staircase… and as you mount the stairs, become slowly aware again of the everyday world and of your body resting at home in its room… and gradually and slowly bring yourself back to your everyday world.

When you are fully back and have opened your eyes, stretch... yawn... and smile!

You have achieved the main steps in connecting to your basic psychic level, and these are the steps that you will use before you attempt any psychic work from now on, until it becomes second nature to you, and you can achieve your basic psychic level simply by ‘thinking” yourself there’.

‘opening the golden door’ every day if possible, or as often as you can, to get the hang of it.You will find it will improve your confidence, help to lower your stress levels and blood pressure, and generally make you feel calmer and happier as well as teaching you how to connect to your psychic self (which is what in fact you have been doing) this is your SECOND EXERCISE.



When you have mastered the relaxation and opening the golden door, take your skills and little further, and instead of just relaxing deeply when you sit in your golden chair, imagine the next time that you're in it that the chair actually tips and stretches into the most comfortable position you can possibly imagine for you, so that every part of your body is relaxing and deeply comfortable…. now imagine that the chair is a sort of seesaw and is very slowly and gently swaying you backwards and forwards. You find that simply with your mind you can adjust the tilt of the chair and make it rock deeply or gently.Play with this for a while… see how it feels and see which is your most comfortable position, get it finely tuned… and then feel that your body is in perfect harmony and perfect balance like a seesaw. Perfectly balanced and tilting neither one-way nor the other... feel this is how your body is now… its energies perfectly balanced and perfectly aligned… enjoy this feeling…. feeling almost weightless… a feeling of pure balanced energy… and again when you are ready allow your chair to right itself… again simply using your mind to adjust it, and come back to your everyday life in the usual way.

You will find these simple exercises very effective and very therapeutic if done regularly.If you were to never go any further with any sort of psychic development, by perfecting these simple few exercises you will be giving yourself a great tool to ensure your overall spiritual… mental and physical health!

This then is the first part of your psychic development adventure!

With Bright blessings

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Seeing is believing, and the first step is know you can do it!

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