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                                                                                Indigo man


The birth of the new man or could they have been around from the beginning of time Men have always been the providers, their role in life and through school is to conform to the system of, get a good education, to enable them to earn a great deal of money, in a well paid job so they can attract a perfect wife, who will then give them children to also provide for. Stop! Who said this is the way it should be?


Men have feelings too but are not allowed to show them, who said they cannot? I am sorry I do not have the answers to these questions of whom laid down the rules and I don’t think anyone really as any proof that this is the way it should be. It has just been passed down from generation to generation you wasn’t normal if you did it differently.


Modern man is different he can stand up and say this is what I want to do; this is the way I am.  I have feelings too and I can now explore them without feeling ridiculed, is this our new indigo man?


To have a feelings of deserving to be here seeing better ways of doing things, have a stronger self esteem and a connection to their higher self, their needs,there wants. Having strong empathy to others a likeness of who they really are, because there seem to be no limitations to what they can do and can achieve.


The new indigo man is wise and in touch with everything about themselves and others, they find themselves exploring all kinds a new things, those things they have kept hidden for such a long time, it is not wrong to be in touch with their famine side to stay at home and look after the children while their wife goes out to work, leaving them to take care of the cooking cleaning shopping washing etc, or to bring up their children on there own.

We see a lot of one parent fathers! life is an equal balance in all things and it is not wrong to feel inadequate because you enjoy doing something different.


The hero in all men longs to be freed, freed in a sense that they can become who or whatever they would like to be.


Indigo men are having a hard time adjusting; many do not really understand what is going on with themselves, some call it a mid life crisis or identity crisis but you don’t have to be 40 or 50 to experience these feelings, they want to do work they are passionate about instead of just doing it to earn a good standard of living. They do not want to be like their fathers or grandfathers.

the indigo man is about personal freedom to be independent, they don’t like anything that restricts freedom these are very complicated feelings and indigos have complicated energies and every man will feel different, in a sense they just want to be happy with who they really are. And learn how to express their true feelings, wants and needs. Indigo men have to experience life from the heart level instead of their heads. These new indigo men are opening a pathway for others of a similar nature, there is no one to show them the right way,

but there is no right or wrong way we are all individuals, what is right for some indigo men are wrong for others.


You have to find your special way, you have to find you, your inner self, your true you! To be able to grow strong to feel to love to explore yourselves, opening new doors and exploring the world as they see it with new eyes!


Always remember that it is you who is changing, go at your pace you don't have to do everything by the book, we are all not the same or feel the same. Remember when you where learning your job or at collage or school? Did you learn at the same speed as your friends?

Did you do everything exactly the same as them? I think not!  So find your direction, be honest with yourself it does not matter what you have done in the past.  You have closed that door do not keep looking back, at the mistakes you have made. Or why you did not think of doing this sooner, the time was not right for you then. If you are going to look back into the past then see the good things, you have done there, those things that make you smile or laugh.



You are on the positive road now, so start believing in you!  

Our outlook on life is changing too, men are not the only ones feeling this change many people are turning to the spiritual way of life, and this brings a balance within our lives, all things equal. The meaning of our existence is to grow we are learning all the time, adapting and changing everything as a balance. We have to find our balance our inner peace and guidance. It’s a dawning of a new era!

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No more drudgery nine to five  day in day out ,

waiting for the weekend everything black and white .

You need colour within your lives ,

your soul needs to breathe,

you need to feel you,

to find your true self .

Indigo man  is a new man in to days age,

but from the beginning of time ,

men have been trying to set themselves free!



To have dreams and to make them happen,

                           to be you!

All of us are of us angels with only one wing,

and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Our journey is our greatest gift.

Find your path and follow it

because if it feels right,

              then it is the right one for you.

Indigo Man

In a world that world that  as no boundaries,

always seek  the truth.

Know the real you.

Inner peace higher wisdom true self.

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