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Please read this very carefully.


When we have gained those extra pounds, we constantly worry about losing them.


This is where our low self esteem kicks in, we then start to tell ourselves that we are fat! And eat more, because we feel badly about ourselves. (Comfort eating) in doing this we then gain more pounds, to had to the seemingly never ending burden.


Some of you will feel this way to, how can we then lose weight? In the media we are constantly bombarded with images of how we should look, how can we compete with that? They all have an average weight of a stick insect! If these women where dirty and dressed in tatty clothes, living in a third world country, we would send them money to buy food and water, because they are starving.


Stop! And think about this for a moment, we all are being brain washed by the media. They are telling us on one hand that this is the way we should be, on the other they are asking us for our help! Same stick insects, two very different scenes both wanting our hard earned money to line their pockets If your partner, best friend etc, were forever telling you, that you need to get rid of some weight; you would tell them to go to have a look in the mirror at themselves. Or words to that effect, now wouldn’t you.


So why are you reading, watching and listening to the media? Are they right? Or is your brain telling you that they are? So you constantly tell yourself, you are good for nothing, until you lose weight! Wrong


I believe the way to lose those extra pounds are though self esteem. This has worked for me and will for you to. By looking deep inside yourself, then ask yourself what are the things you do like about you? What do your friends and family like? Start to like you for who you are, not what you think everybody else wants to see!


Trust in yourself, that you are a beautiful person. Believe it because it is true! You are special in so many ways, to name just a few helpful, compassionate, friendly, honest, reliable and trustworthy. And they are so many more, but I will leave you to find those things out yourself and you will. Because at the moment you are hiding your true self behind and being very unhappy.


self Liking yourself for who you are, will stop you reaching for the comfort food, because you only do that when you are feeling bad about yourself. Try it and see and the pounds you lose, will not line the media pockets, they are just using manipulation, to fool you and others preying on the vulnerable, don’t allow them to win. You can be skinny and depressed too, but they don’t mention that. Self belief is a wonderful thing because with this you can do almost everything, have trust in yourself and you will see.


My advice is free all I ask is that you let me know when you reach your goal; I have every faith in your ability to do so.


Low calorie soft drinks or anything low calorie for that matter, those that contain saccharin or aspartame. Drinking one soft drink a day will increase your risk of being obese by 31% when your body consumes artificial sweeteners, your body prepares it self for a large intake of calories but when this does not happen.


Your body starts to demand food by making you feel hungry, you have told it that you are giving it calories by taking the artificial sweeteners now it wants what it was supposed to get.


let us  think about this, its like going down to the shops to buy a box of cornflakes, but when you get back home the box is empty, no cornflakes you then would demand from the shop that you want your cornflakes.


Same as your body wanting the sugar it does not know that it was artificial sweetener only you know that it gives the same sweetness.


The whole of society is motivated from the point of view of the power game.


I am better than you; or you are better than I;


We are each one of us full of power and no one is more powerful than the other. However, some people have gained access their inner power and believe in it, while others believe that they are weak and powerless.



If we accept that people have power over us, it drains our strength away.


In the Native American tradition it is believed that a person is empowered when they are on the right path and following their true purpose in life. To have power we need a vision that is greater than we and which embraces the whole not just ourselves.


The higher our vision the more empowered we become.


Inadequacy does not believe we have the ability to accomplish what is in front of us.


Now ask yourself


1 is it possible I really do have the ability and that my perception of myself is inaccurate?


2 what would I really like to do in my life, short term long term? Set an agenda and draw up a plan.


Everyday spend just 5 minutes visualising yourself achieving your aim. Effective if done just before bedtime


Affirm I am a total success, I am strong, confident and successful person my potential is unlimited. Build a strong self image successful thoughts create a successful life. Make a list of things you are good at. Focus on what you have achieved in life so far.

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Does my bum look big in this? Was always the first words that used to enter my head. And then that word I must Diet!

Why can’t we accept the way we are? Dieting losing Weight!


For years I have torn myself apart, and seen my friends and family doing the same thing. Many of us still Diet! Which only lasts a few days before, we give in to the temptation of real food.


We crave what we cannot have. Because we know we can’t have it, because we are on a Diet! And for me and thousands of others, Dieting  does not work!


We have to find a way to like us for who we really are, focus on the things we like about ourselves instead of punishing ourselves.


Dieting is no  good for you in the long run. We always tend to put the weight we have lost back on again. So tell yourself no dieting this time. I am going to change the way I eat and still enjoy the food I like the best but in smaller quantities . And look within to find a different self image a beautiful one.

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