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It is the Age of Aquarius?


This 25,920 cycle is the foundation for the Age of Pisces which by modern measurement puts each age as 2,160 years long. The procession causes the fixed stars to rise and set against the earth’s solar years so that at the first day of spring, which is the spring equinox. The constellation of Aries no longer rises but the constellation of Pisces does.

The Greek Hipparchus was the first person to document this information, but was he really the first. Very offen a little of this information is found in old documents or was talked about in a group and then one of them takes the credit for it, in the ancient myths of the Egyptian temples, texts and myths suggest, that the priests knew and measured the procession back to the old kingdom and there are hints that this knowledge went back to the Age of Gemini which ended somewhere near 6,140 BC.


There has been many books written on the subject over the years but who is really right?  By analyzing Egyptian myths to show the consistent reference to the procession of the stars that empowered the pharaohs, and determined their death beliefs and practices.


Evidence has been found to suggest this more recently by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert use the procession of the equinoxes to add proof that the Great Pyramid and the King’s Chamber were used to send the dead Pharaoh’s spirit to the Orion constellation. By use of modern astronomy software they calculate the Age of Aquarius to begin approximately 2,070 AD when a half precession cycle of 12,920 shows the Orion constellation at it’s highest declination of -1 degree 50 seconds and it’s maximum altitude at the Meridian at 58 degrees 11 seconds. It’s opposite point at 10,300 BC would have been the beginning of the Age of Leo when Zeta Orionis would have a lowest declination of -48 degrees 53 seconds and an altitude at the meridian of 11 degrees 8 seconds.


But we have been told that we are already in Aquarius, i believe that we are slowly moving into it, as a gradual change takes place more and more people are turning their minds towards spiritual ways, in the 1960’s a new age movement began. People started turning towards spiritual beliefs more and more and they was not scared  to tell people that they where the new age people “and there way was the best way”,

going back though history you will see many beliefs, but they had to tread very carefully and things where done in secret. Many people where locked up and burnt or even hanged.


But times have changed, we are not scared any more. the possibilities are endless we can try many different things including all those that have been tried in the past. Whatever works for us or what we feel at one with.


Try to use your gut instincts and not just go with the flow. Which many of us do so. 

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